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Alternators are a vital part of your car’s electrical system and they are a big culprit behind dead batteries in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. Its purpose is to keep your battery charged and it is what provides the power needed to operate your headlights, radio, and everything else electronic in your car while it is running. Some folks still call them generators, but that is a term more properly applied to cars prior to the 1970s, before alternators were added to cars, but you can read more about that on our Generators page.

Your alternator converts AC power to DC by use of rectifier diodes inside the part. When alternators start to fail, you will notice some telltale signs, like your car being hard to crank or your headlights running dim. These are signs your alternator is not charging your battery properly. Starter and alternator problems can have similar symptoms, so we recommend bringing your vehicle to us for inspection at your first sign of trouble. Our computer diagnostic will tell you what the problem is correctly, the first time.

Bob’s Auto Electric of Hood River, OR has the mechanics you can trust to perform diagnostic, repair, and replacement on your alternator. If your battery light is on, this is an alternator warning signal that your battery is not being charged. We are a specialized rebuilder of starters and alternators and will gladly provide you a free inspection of your auto electrics any time you visit. We also provide low-cost routine maintenance, emission tests, and emission repair to help you with your fuel economy.

All services include farm, industrial and aircraft equipment. Buy your new & rebuilt alternators in Hood River, OR at Bob’s Auto Electric!