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At Bob’s Auto Electric of Hood River, OR, we love our antique cars just as much as we love our customers who love theirs! While owning and restoring a classic car can be a lifelong love affair, it does have its drawbacks, especially when it comes to finding the right parts for some of these beauties. Not only are we masters in our field, you will be happy to know we are masters at finding classic car parts for you at unbeatable prices. One of the most common parts we are asked to locate is a generator.

Back in 1963, car generators started being replaced by manufacturers with alternators and by 1970, the generator was all but out of the picture as car builders realized they could get better charging performance by changing the way the part converted and used power. When you run a pre-1970 car, your generator is pushing a lot of power through its brushes, therefore they need to be replaced often. We can get you these new & rebuilt generators in Hood River, OR so you do not have to hunt high and low for them.

At our professional shop, we work on all AC/DC motors. Ours is one of the few shops that specializes in magnetos. We also do transmission work, rebuild parts, and value the recovery of old materials, all of which we recycle if they cannot be used. We have specialized tools that allow us to do work other general mechanics cannot, so if you have a special car with a special problem and a computerized diagnostic is not what you need, bring your vehicle to the pros at Bob’s Auto Electric and we will treat you right!

When you need hard-to-find generators for your classic cars, count on us to get them for you. Remember at Bob’s Auto Electric, all services include farm, industrial and aircraft equipment.